Deep vein thrombosis

This blogpost gives a picture of venous compression stockings used to prevent deep vein thrombosis as well as during treatment. It will be complimentary to my post on clots in veins at:

What I know now

What it means: Deep vein thrombosis is where a blood clot forms in the veins of the leg. The greatest risk of deep vein thrombosis is that it will dislodge and end up in the lungs, known as a pulmonary embolism. But first, let me introduce you to Virchows triad the components of which include- hypercoaguable state, vascular wall injury and circulatory stasis. With their powers combined, these pose a significant risk for development of deep vein thrombosis. Symptoms include pain, warmth or redness in leg, swelling in ankle and feet and pain on extension.

How it’s managed: The aim in responding to deep vein thrombosis is preventing it from occurring in the first place. Patients that demonstrate risk factors, primarily who fall into any of the categories in Virchow’s triad, should receive prophylactic treatment where possible. Such treatment includes:

  • Compression stockings – for increased circulation
  • Medication- to be explored in drugs and…

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