What’s the difference between an event monitor, Holter, and King of Hearts?

This post talks about Holter monitors and event monitors mentioned in my post on Heart Rhythm Disorder (https://cardiophile.blog/2017/01/01/heart-rhythm-disorders-arrhythmia/) and other similar devices to monitor cardiac arrhythmia.

The Friendly Intern

A “heart monitor” is a device that is ordered when a patient has a complaint of palpitations, syncope, or a known history of arrhythmia that tracks a patient’s heart rhythm. There are different kinds of heart monitors reviewed below:

  • Holter monitors are about the size of a large deck of cards and continuously record rhythm for 24-48 hours. Patients can’t shower with the monitor on, but sponge baths are ok!
  • Wireless Holter monitors may be used if a regular Holter doesn’t detect a problem, but the patient continues to have symptoms. These monitors can record for days to weeks, until signs or symptoms of an arrhythmia occur.
  • Event monitors, unlike the Holter, only record rhythm at certain times.Patients are supposed to start recording when they feel like they have symptoms. These monitors can be worn for weeks if needed, and can be taken off while patients are showering. They are…

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