Compression Only CPR?

Here is a slightly different view on compression only CPR ( from an actual CPR instructor!

Safety un-Limited

Some countries have adopted compression-only CPR as the main method taught to the public, while other countries including Canada have not. All our courses teach you 30 compressions and 2 breaths in a cycle. So why the difference? Aren’t we all human?

CPR 30:2

In Canada the standard of CPR taught to everyone remains 30 compressions : 2 breaths and has been so for a long time. Is this a problem? Well, there was a worry about chest compressions being interrupted frequently to give breaths. When you’re doing compressions, you are pumping blood round the person’s body. Perhaps interrupting this to give breaths would reduce blood flow and maybe reduce the effectiveness of CPR. If that was true, then continuous compressions could be the better choice.

Before you read on, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing. Here ‘arrest’ means the person’s heart has stopped working.

To help…

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